SitePad 1.6.4 Launched in Stable branch


We have launched SitePad 1.6.4 in the Stable branch.

1) [Improvement] Added option to toggle sidebar menu on document page if viewport width is less than 900.

2) [Improvement] Added new payment gateways payFast, Stripe and 2Checkout.

3) [Bug-Fix] All pages were not shown in the list of pages on the sitemap settings page. This is fixed.

4) [Improvement] The Title Widget has been further improved. Now users can search for widgets with a slash (/) and replace the selected widget with the current widget and also added the plus icon near the bottom of all widgets to add widget after the current widget.

5) [Improvement] Login widget has been further improved.

6) [Improvement] Insert link option UI of our pen editor has been further improved.

7) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases the pen editor heading and paragraph formatting was not working properly. This is fixed.

8) [Bug-Fix] The Roboto font within the system section was not working. We have removed the system font option of Roboto and left the Google Font option. This is fixed.

9) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases the background video was not working properly. This is fixed.

10) [Bug-Fix] When the dropdown menu was set to in tablet or mobile mode, the full primary menu was shown when reloading the page. This is fixed.

11) [Bug-Fix] In some cases, the pen editor's unlink option was not working properly. This is fixed.

In the next version, we will try to enable caching for improving the website speed. Many more features are also in the making for E-Commerce and blogging options.

The SitePad Team

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